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Kia Ora!


My name is Luca - I create Videos and shoot Photographs. Nice to meet you.

I am currently based in Germany by the beautiful Lake Constance. We can talk fluently in English and German. We can also communicate in Italian and Spanish, supported by hands and feet.


I have spent many years travelling - and still am. Through these experiences I recognised and appreciated the complexity of life, my affinity to the Ocean and the different journeys we all go through - in turn this is what inspired me to become the Creator I am today. 


Capturing the lives of others and the moments of beauty in the nature that surrounds us has always been a passion.

I’m driven by the creative desire to bring something new to each moment I see. Creating movies or shooting photographs is about telling stories and conveying the world in the way I see it, for me I can do this whichever way is required: 

authentic, professional, funny. 


Anything is possible - contact me and let´s create something unique together.


Gracias! I got your Email. Please give me a moment to get back to you.



Luca Torzi

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