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jucas media

for extras and side actors

for applicants

Look´s like you wanna take part as an extra / side actor in various

movie & tv - projects.

i´m happy to hear that :)

at this point I´ll connect you to several productions around the Beautiful

lake constanze.

though my contact circuit is starting to reach out from the black forest via stuttgart until munich.

we´ll see where the jucasmedia journey will take us :)

you´ll find the link to register further down.

skip and directly to registration


Productions i´ve worked with up to this point:


As an Extra/Background actor you appear in various films and TV series. This is a slightly individual role that enlivens the background of the movie.

As an extra/Background actor you will always be used in the movie when other people are needed in addition to the main actors.

Without extras, a cafe, at a scene on the pier or at a party, the picture just doesn't look realistic.

You don't need any experience for being an Extra / Background actor.

Movie Clapboard
Camera Crew


As a Bitplayer/Side actor, you take on a "small" role in a film or TV series. You may contribute to the plot of the film - but not necessarily.

Bitplayer/Side actor roles can be with or without text.

Often it is a role that requires an acting performance, as you will be a bit more present in the frame.

How does it work?

1 st step

you register with the link below

2 nd step

you create your own sedcard

3 rd step

if there´s a role that suits for you - then you´ll hear from me

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