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Welcome to the album of my Videos.

All created in collaboration with beautiful people I met along the world,  

with mucho amore, spontaneous creativity - professionalism and lots of laughter.

Best enjoyed with headphones and full screen.

plattner Diamond technique

Founded in 1994 by Josef Plattner and his wife Ruth, the focus of the company has always been on wire sawing. The high quality products are developed and produced at their company site located in Schwaz, Austria. They work with a team of highly skilled and motivated employees. Plattner prefers "insourcing" to "outsourcing". The products are made efficiently with a high degree of automatisation, as they keep their machinery in operation up-to-date, using robotics. Products of Plattner are made in a healthy environment with a high living standard. Their aim is to preserve the precious nature all around us and at the same time provide attractive and safe workplaces. This is what they are proud of.

© copyright: Plattner gesmbh

Edit: Nina Raschenberger


Embedded in timeless shapes - sourced of local forests. From wild and audacious - to simply modern, natural art. A special relaxed way to watch the flames immerse everything into into a wavering warm light. Enjoy a spirited light game of flames, which is integrated with passion and love for detail in a handbuilt unicum.

© copyright: STAERK-FEUER

Edit: Nina Raschenberger


a festival, that really happened. One of the first sustainable music festivals in Palawan whi ch not allowed guests to bring any single use plastic on site. The stage, the bar, food stalls -as far as the eye could see - everything was handbuilt with locally sourced bamboo, dryftwood and palmleafs. The Bar filled with unique self-mixed Filipino Drinks, served in self made Bamboo cups., The divine food - beyond amazing. Local products converted into tasteful delicacies - wrapped into organic local sourced banana leafs or served in organic paper plates. The music a celebration of Filippino Tribal Percussion, Latin Electro, Bossa Nova, Funk, Trip Hop, Lofi HipHop and trance-inducing Compositions that fused indigenous folk music, natural soundscapes, Afro Carrabien with the sound design and asthetics of modern dance music . Artists: Mo Horizons, Uji, Saib, Hernandez Brothers, Trippin Jaguar, Anima Tierra, Kawangis, Montoya. A place where cultures mingled and fused. Open mindedness and freedom for each individual to feel at peace with their true self.

© copyright: DRYFT Camp

Edit: Nina Raschenberger


Embark a boat without expecting of arriving in a paradise you´ve never seen before. Unplug from the daily business and start enjoying the comfort of home - the tranquility of camping. GLAMPING is how they call it today. ​ Furnished handbuilt hives with years of experience and lifetimes of imagination are nestled within the unique design. ​ The "Mothership" an architectural art piece, designed by Palawan’s own Nuno Finez, where you just indulge in local and southeast Asian delicacies, with a dash of island flavor, specially prepared by the talented team of Filipino chefs and prepared with love. The best food I had in the Philippines. Lean back and dive into a paradise that will blow your mind.

© copyright: DRYFT Camp

BARFUss im see


Showreel Melanie boehm & Max koenig.

© copyright: Melanie boehm

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